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[WIP] 1/700 USS Johnston DD-557 Part.1

first test fit of the super structures
Side profile is checked against a blueprint, looks about right, a good start for the model!
Gun director and mast completed, the signal lights on the mast was later changed to a thicker piece of styrene
this file is useful to get rid of little nubs on the PE parts
realized the bofor tubs isn’t a square…. had to pull the original PE out, and replace them. The more you do this, the more glue residue is left, and the model looks less clean, so it’s always best to do plenty of research first
added little lips above the doors using 0.2mm wire, and some other details on the sides
4 strand braids using 0.1mm jumper wire as anchor chains, technique learned from book: Ship Models from Kits by David Griffith
Side depth charge cage, the johnston had a shorter single row cage, had to chop the PE parts up and modify it into the smaller cage
doesn’t look as neat as the original… but at least it’s more accurate, doing all 6 cages cost me 3 new blades as the PE part was quite thick to cut
details added on the first funnel; More side details, notice the gaps i left for the fire hoses, i plan to add them in after painted, since they are white colour and will be difficult to paint if i stick them on now.
little support fins added, these isn’t part of the PE set, i had to cut them up and it was difficult to get them to the same length… in the end it was still a bit uneven
model is roughly 16cm in length
IJN 127mm barrels are used since i had a bunch of them, since the mk12 is also 127mm caliber, it looks about right.
still quite a few details missing in the aft section
Had to reposition all of the outer railings because i didn’t leave enough room for the fairleads around the ship… rookie mistake

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