Hi there,

thanks for checking out my blog, I’m a scale modeller from Australia, I built many aircraft, armor, cars, gundam models through out my childhood.
While attending university, i took modelling a bit more serious, i fell in love with 1/700 scale model warships, i find building a tiny model for months, gradually adding incredible tiny details a very rewarding process.

Other than warships, I’m also a hardcore sci-fi/spaceship fan, I picked up my first 3D printer around 2020, and realized i could model anything i wanted! Which is why I’ve been focusing a lot more on spaceships recently.
Even though converting 3D models to 3D printed models is a pretty lengthy process and requires many fine tunings to both the 3D model and printing techniques, but the feeling of seeing your favourite spaceships comes to live is something i cannot find anywhere else. I hope i get to share these feelings through my blog and youtube.

It’s possible i’ve gone “silent”, not posting new stuff for a while, but i assure you i’ve been happily modelling away my spare times as usual.
I have 3 projects on my bench as of October 2022:
– A very detailed model of the James Webb Space Telescope
– A very interesting starship model commission
– the unfinished 1/700 scale USS Enterprise
I’m hoping to complete these projects by end of 2022 with even greater quality than the models i’ve built so far.

Please look forward to them!