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[WIP] 1/700 USS Johnston DD-557 Part.2

Rear depth charge racks added
Can’t find aftermarket part for these, so i made them out of styrene and ammo box PE parts
torpedo cranes added
Originally did not plan to add handrails on the funnels, but after examining the photo of the Johnston, the handrails are clearly visible.
Added the X shaped support under the first funnel platform, i missed this detail at first.
speaker and range light
oerlikon cannons made
Final look at her before painting!
I decide to mask the anti skid pathways so it would appear darker than deck color, in most fletcher builds i seen this step is ignored, but since shes going to be entirely blue, this should make it look more interesting
here can see the anti skid result, looks pretty neat, now masking the deck for hull painting
First look after painting. To my disappointment, the deck blue and hull blue looked almost identical in the end result,… the ship does look a bit dull, I guess masking the anti skid was the right choice.
attached weapons and done a light wash. The wash makes the blue color less vibrant, the model looks much more realistic now.

In this picture the model is well lit, the blue appears much lighter just like how Measure21 would look under sunlight. In person, the overall color is still pretty dark compare to other ships I’ve built.

Hopefully adding some deck items will give it some color!

But this is will be the end of WIP, see here for the final result.

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