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1/700 IJN Yukikaze

IJN yukikaze, Kagero class, one of the well-known destroyers in WWII, also called the lucky destroyer due to surviving numerous major battles while being relatively unharmed, after the war she was transferred to ROC and served until 1966.

Due to carelessness, i mixed thinner containing alcohol with lifecolor acrylic paint, the result was dark, sticky paint that nearly ruined the model. Lesson learned: should always test spray when using a product for the first time.
I managed to paint a third layer, covering up the mistake, but it also made some thin PE details look very thick.

First time weathering with oil paints, i think it turned out well. I was surprised how well oil paints sticks to the model, most of the white color was oil paint, they paint much better than the tamiya xf2 white, which gives me headache sometimes.

I added spare motor boats as the kit didn’t come with any. The motor boats are a bit larger than what they should have been, i would switch them out when i find suitable ones.

Overall if ignoring the paint clogging some of the detail, the model turned out pretty nice, maybe i could of painted the AA guns in a lighter color so it would be more visible.

Ocean Base:
On December 2020 months after the build, i decide to make my first ocean base and i chose Yukikaze to be the ship!
I follow the guide made by Jim Baumann, and it turned out beyond my expectation!

As the first base i made there are mistakes, the most obvious one is that there shouldn’t be wierd double waves, It was too late when i realized the issues so i just went with it.
I should also improve the bow wave next time, it’s abit too far ahead of the bow and spread out too much.
Unlike the guide i didn’t use cotton or fluffs, personally i dislike how waves made out of cotton looks. Instead i just use tissue paper hardened with super glue.
I used to prefer waterline models without ocean base for the clean look, but after making one myself it changed my perspective. Ships do look better with oceans after all!

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