Here i put some of the ship model links/blogs that i think are truely amazing to look at in no particular order.
Some blogs might not be in English, try use Chrome’s translate page feature.
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Also don’t forget about The Ship Models Forum

hokutin navy (blog) [1/700 Focus] [Build Logs] [References]
aprstar (sina blog) [1/700 Focus]
HS Models (naver blog) [1/350 1/700 Focus]
Black637 (Twitter) [1/700 Focus]
Ebroin’s Miniatures (Youtube) [1/700 1/350 Focus]
John Win (Twitter) [1/700 Focus]
Xiao (Twitter) [1/700 Focus]
Speedbird100 / Joseph Lavender [Scratch Build Focus]
K.H.艦船模型工房 [1/700 Focus]
Paul Budzik Fine Scale Models [Precision Focus]
Lee Won-hee [1/700 1/350 Focus]
Jeff Lin (Facebook) [1/700 Focus]
Ockham’s razor [Various]
Kostas Ship Models [1/700 Focus]
大磯海軍工廠 (blog) [1/700 Focus]
R&R工廠 [1/700 Focus]
Seungmin Hong (Flickr) [Various]
zbok Ship Models (blog) [1/700 Focus]
タナカホビー (youtube) [1/700 Focus]