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1/144 Milano Scale Model with Full LED!

I’ve been working on this with every spare time i’ve got for the past 5 or 6 month, and it’s finally complete! I hope you like it!
STL files: Milano Spaceship – Seven Scales (

5 thoughts on “1/144 Milano Scale Model with Full LED!

  1. Heya, we were talking on YouTube, I was impressed with your work and was wondering if you took commissions? I wanna get a ship from Star Trek…

    1. hi andrew, thanks for the comment again, like i said on youtube, once i figure out a good method to protect these models during shipping, I will be happy to do a few commissions.
      My current idea is to envelop the model in a crystal clear resin, with some foam they should be unbreakable. I’ll get back to you when i tested this method.
      Just out of curiosity, which startrek ship? I’m also a huge trek fan, my personal favourite is Enterprise-D (probably because i enjoyed TNG so much), and it’s in my to-do list for future youtube videos 🙂

  2. Ha ha, sorry I wasn’t sure if I’d sent it correctly. Hopefully it comes across as enthusiasm.

    I really have my heart set set on a Kelvin Timeline Oberth Class, about 30cm long. (Check out the video on Youtube) and I’d found some finished wire mesh models on google. Is that possible?


  3. Greetings!

    I loved your Milano build!

    I have searched around for a good model of this ship and in my opinion your 3D printed kit is the beat that I’ve found.

    However, I do not own a 3D printer.

    Would you be willing to sell the kit parts (like Fantastic Plastic Models) so I can build it myself?

    Please let me know and how much it would cost for all the parts (including mini vacuum firmer and stencils).

    Also, would you be willing to make a 1/1000 MCRN Donnager from “The Expanse” show (SyFy/Amazon Prime)?

    Great work on all you work so far!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment!
      I don’t offer shipping a printed kit yet, this is mostly due to concern for the part breaking during shipping. However i am considering it and i will continue to search for a less brittle resin and suitable packaging so i may offer that service in the near future. If i have to give an estimate, it would be around $100 with shipping.
      Alternatively, there should be 3D printing enthusiast around you that might offer resin printing services!
      The MCRN Donnager is a pretty cool ship! I will consider it for future projects!

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