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1/700 IJN Chokai Heavy Cruiser [鳥海][重巡洋艦]

IJN Chokai, 4th ship of the Takao class. This model depict her early 1942 configuration prior to becoming the flagship of vice admiral Mikawa and the battle of savo island.

Build Log Part1

This is by far the most difficult build i’ve done so far. Started 24-Oct-2020, slightly surreal to me it’s finally finished!
Despite the difficulties, i really enjoyed the build, and the result far exceeded my expectations. I’m super thankful that nothing went wrong during the painting process, if i damaged the model beyond repair i might be devastated XD.

And I must say Takao class does look very amazing and menacing, and the blue from the ocean really brings it to life!
I also must mention that I learned a lot from Studio Blue Ocean (YouTube), whom inspired me to put more effort into ocean base, I spend a week on it with multiple layers, really like how it turned out, the vivid blue is very satisfying to look at in person.

Also i know the scout planes are supposed to be scouting haha, i just find the model looks more complete with the aircrafts.

About the kit:
Fujimi kit’s has always been up there, although details are not as sharp as those on the newer tooled 1/700 ships (flyhawk, veryfire etc.), but it does provide a very solid foundation for improvements.
Also anyone wishes to build a 1937 Takao (1st refit) could use this kit, because other than some minor details, i did pretty much built a 1937 Takao.

Known mistakes i’ve made:

  • Hull panel lines are not accurate
  • didn’t use the corret PE for bridge window
  • possibly many incorrect vent placements on deck, i merely replaced the kit’s moulded vents
  • Wake pattern isn’t realistic

Despite the mistakes, i’m still very proud of the result. This build has the most detailing work i’ve ever done. The introduction to 3D printing has showed me many possibilities, i look forward to using it more on future builds.

Thanks for reading this blog!

2 thoughts on “1/700 IJN Chokai Heavy Cruiser [鳥海][重巡洋艦]

  1. Amazing work, and an amazig finish!

  2. Your work is beautiful! congrats. What camera and lens do you use to photograph your models? Of all types of scale models I found photographing ships to be the most challenging

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