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1/700 IJN Tenryu 天龍 (軽巡洋艦)

1/700 IJN Tenryu 1926 complete!
WW1 era light crusiers are my favorite ships especially those with triple or quadriple funnels. They are often sleek like destroyers but much longer, reminds me of those long and narrow fish.
The Hasegawa kit depicted Tenryu after her modernization in WW2, i had to make some light modification to revert her into the 1926 configuration, which is the one i like better and same as World of Warship Tenryu.
The ingame Tenryu provided good references for the rigging, as real photos of the ship’s rigging was very unclear and invisible most of the time.

Initially i wanted to quickly finish the kit and move on to the next build, the PE set from the kit looked minimal. But i paid more and more attention as the build went on, and i’m glad i did because every extra modification really make a difference in a simple looking ship like this.
In conclusion, i think this was a successful model project, i used some newly learned techniques and conquered the fear of using metal riggings.

Build log: Tenryu Part1

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