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[WIP] 1/700 IJN Tenryu 天龍 (軽巡洋艦) Part 1

See the finished model here!

This was supposed to be a ‘fast stash clear’ build (started in June 2020).
But i haven’t had much time to model, and as time dragged on, i started to pay more attention to details, and attempted new techniques, so this project might take a while to complete….

The kit is decent (made in 2015), my complaints are:
– Anchors are molded onto hull
– PE funnel caps requires folding to achieve the desired height
– bridge’s conning tower is moulded in halves, difficult seam line.

Due to me had a very memorable Tenryu game when i started playing WoWS, i decide to make the WoWS Tenryu instead of the kit’s 1940+ Tenryu.
The main modifications i must make is the bridge (more exposed with canvas roof), and mid ship structure is not joined.
From my limited research, WoWS Tenryu seems to be modelled after what she looked like in 1926.

The Build:

I begin with the bridge, the conning tower seam line was really bad, i had to use styrene to re create the slit windows.
I never tried to add panel lines to my ships, so i decide to try it here.
I also decide add PE portholes on the ship hull… i should not have done that because most photos of the Tenryu barely shows any extruded portholes. And it was tedious.
I cut the mid ship structures, and removed most of the details
started work on funnels
The WoWS Tenryu had a series of vents around the funnels, i really wish i had a 3D printer, as the styrene ones i made are abit uneven.
at this point i just have cross my fingers to hope they look good after painted.
Tenryu had some very tall masts, another reason i want to build the WoWS version, the 1942 version had a shorter front mast.
realized the torpedo cage i made earlier was a bit too short
added funnel caps, I wish the PE was thinner
The most boring part of the build: IJN linoleum deck bracket strips. I spread the work over 3 month, i would add one or two strips every day and it was finally over!
In future i would look for PE decks for this kind of ship.
Hand rails for the funnel, i lost the one provided by the kit, i had to use some spare railings.
i only glued the front and back of each railing, less chance of showing glue marks.
At some point during the build, i was really displeased with the portholes, i finally decide to rip them all off and went for a more simpler “scribing” method for the panel lines.
I used some back wash to check the lines, they are abit exaggerated, but with this experience, i will be confident to work on my USS Saratoga’s hull in the future.
The most difficult parts of the build are done, now i just need to figure out what the heck this is.

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